Welcome! I am “MD3” which is my Nickname, Brand and short for Michael Donovan III.

I have created a company called MD3 Property Solutions and as the name implies, Our goal is to be your very first call when you need information, guidance and expertise for your Design, Construction and Real Estate needs here in Los Angeles County.

As a California licensed Architect, General Contractor and Real Estate Broker with a Masters degree in Real Estate Development from the University of Southern California, I have over 3 decades of professional experience on all types of design and building projects all over the world. That high level of experience and confidence is what you personally get when you work with MD3.

At MD3 Property Solutions our motto is “EVERYTHING YOU NEED IN REAL ESTATE”. As a professional networker I have amassed a collection of over 12,500 active professional contacts in various industries, which allows us to be ready to serve your immediate needs. Let us connect you to the right resources to succeed and create a win-win situation. If we are not the solution to your challenge, we will find someone that is… You have our word on that! My roots come from the entertainment and hospitality industry where I design, built and project managed theme parks, hotels, resorts and specialty retail for some of the most well known companies in the world, such as Walt Disney Imagineering, Universal Studios, Warner Bros. and Landmark Entertainment Group. Those types of projects required a very high level of creative design and problem solving solutions that can easily be applied to your more basic project. We can apply our out-of-the-box solutions to help you achieve YOUR ultimate goal.

So make MD3 Property Solutions Your Very First Call…